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MS Sources


ARMAGH: Public Library

  • MS KH.II.24
  • MS KH.II.46

CLONMEL: South Tipperary County Archive

  • MS 2/3/1

DUBLIN: Dublin City Archives, Gilbert Library

  • Royal charters
  • MS 80        Gilbert Transcripts of Merchant Tailors Guild charter

DUBLIN: National Archives of Ireland




PROI transcript of the Pipe Roll of 30 Edw. III


Extracts from records formerly in the PROI


Glossary of Latin and English words with illustrative examples taken mostly from Irish records (13th to 17th centuries): compiled by Rev. E. Groves

2011/1 Pembroke Estate Papers
CB 1/5, 10 Original common bench plea rolls
D 19706 Engrossed Irish letters patent (1332)
EX 1/1–2 Original Irish memoranda rolls
EX 2/1–4 PROI Calendar of Irish memoranda rolls
EX 2/1–4 K.’s bench roll 6 Hen. IV
KB 2/1–12 PROI Calendar of Justiciary Rolls

KB 3 

PROI Calendar of the Rolls of Justices Itinerant 

M 2530

Phillipps MS 6460

M 2531

Phillipps MS 6470 (volume of early charters)

M 2532

Phillipps MS 8215 (volume of extracts)

M 2542

Phillipps MS 13256 (volume compiled by or for Sir William Betham of entries relating to Ire.)

M 2543

Phillipps Ms 17046 (volume of inquisitions)

M 2546

Phillipps MS 17055 (volume of transcripts of Dublin charters)

M 2549

Phillipps MS 17044: Monk Mason, City of Dublin Records, miscellaneous

M 2550

Phillipps MS 11837 (Molyneux’s extracts)

M 2551

Phillipps MS 6464 (Molyneaux’s extracts)

M 2645

Phillipps MS

M 2646–50

Betham’s extracts from the Irish Plea Rolls

M 2652–3

Betham’s extracts from the Irish Plea Rolls

M 2659 Phillips MS

M 2750

PROI list of venues and dates for the justiciar’s court

M 7028  

Betham MS 1A.53.83

RC 7

RCI Calendar of Plea Rolls (43 vols)

RC 8 

RCI Calendar of Memoranda Rolls (31 vols)

Ferguson Coll. 1–4 

J. F. Ferguson’s Collection from the Irish memoranda rolls (4 vols)

Ferguson Repertory 1–3

Ferguson’s repertory of the Irish memoranda rolls (vols 1–3 of 5)

Lindsay MSS

Miscellaneous documents from the library of W. A. Lindsay, Claranceaux King of Arms, including letters to Sir William Betham and drafts of letters from him relating to Irish Record Commission, c. 1810–24; documents from the Athenry Peerage case

Lodge MS 1

John Lodge: extracts from the Irish rolls, Henry II to 1596

Lodge MS 17

John Lodge: ancient commissions, Irish Chiefs (articles with) denizations, general pardons

Lodge MS 18–19

John Lodge: wardships, liveries, alienations (2 vols)

Lodge MS 21

John Lodge: Enrolments (miscellaneous)

Quit Rent Office Constats Constats, official and plan copies and translations of grants, inquisitions decrees etc. (15 boxes)

DUBLIN: National Library of Ireland




Ormond deeds

Dowdall deeds

MSS 1–4, 13

Collectanea de rebus Hibernicis, compiled by Walter Harris (vols 1–4 and 13 of 19)

MS 2284

Nugent MSS


MS 2689 Typescript calendar of Primate Prene's register

MS 24555

Colclough papers

MS 32659


GO MSS 192-3

William Betham: Historical and genealogical extracts from the patent and close rolls in the Bermingham Tower, Dublin castle

DUBLIN: Royal Irish Academy



MS 12.B(2).4 Haliday collection: transcripts of deeds of St Anne's guild, Dublin

MS 12.D.8

Haliday collection: memoranda rolls, Ire., Edward II

MS 12.D.16

Haliday collection: close and patent rolls, Ire. 1303–1506

MS 12.D.25

Haliday collection: collectanea concerning the archdiocese of Dublin
MS 12.D.38 Haliday collection: Register of the Abbey of St Thomas (transcript) and extracts from the Memoranda rolls relating to the Abbey

MS 12.L.3

Sarsfield papers

MS 12.P.4

Haliday collection: series of extracts from treasury, exchequer, memoranda etc. rolls

MS 24.D.5

O’Reilly papers

MS 24.H.17

Haliday collection: Extracts from the memoranda rolls of the Irish exchequer

DUBLIN: Trinity College, Manuscripts and Archives Research Library



MS 578 Miscellanea de Rebus hibernicis ab Usserio collecta
MS 579 Collectanea de rebus Monasticis Hiberniae ex Registris domuum Religiosarum (2 vols)

MS 588

Composite volume of state tracts

MS 1061 Reeve's transcript of Archbishop Alen's register
MS 1207 Dublin deeds
MS 1740 Shaw Mason MS: Epitome of Irish grants from John to King James I.
MS 1747 Report of searches respecting the office of the clerk of the common pleas of the Ex. of Ire., made by order of the Commissioners on the Public Records, 1816
MS 3411 O’Reilly MSS

WEXFORD: St Peter’s College



Hore MSS

Extracts from the memoranda rolls of the Ex. relating to the county of Wexford.

United Kingdom

LONDON: British Library



Cotton Titus B XI


Egerton Mss 75, 76, 78


Lansdowne MS 315 A transcript of the Rotulus Hiberniae of 1 Ed. III. to 12 Edw. III, with an index, 1327–3

Add. MS 4790


Add. MS 4798


Add. MS 43768–9

Delafield MSS

LONDON: College of Arms



PH 13203


PH 15157


PH 15170


PH 15174


KEW: The National Archives of the United Kingdom



C 47

Chancery miscellanea

C 59/14 Extracts of charters and patents relating to Ireland [grants of crown lands and rents and remissions of debts in Ireland, 19 Edw II- 12 Edw III]

E 101

Exchequer: King’s remembrancer, accounts various

LONDON: Lambeth Palace Library



Carew MS 9608


OXFORD: Bodleian Library



Rawlinson MS B. 491  
Rawlinson MS B. 498  

Rawlinson B 502


Laud Miscellaneous MS 613


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Printed primary sources


Full bibliographical details

Admin. Ire.

H. G. Richardson and G.O. Sayles, The administration of Ireland, 1172–1377 (IMC, Dublin, 1963) 

Affairs Ire.

Documents on the affairs of Ireland before the king’s council, ed. G.O. Sayles (IMC, Dublin, 1979)


Analecta Hibernica, including the report of the Irish Manuscripts Commission (IMC, 1930–)

BethamConst. Eng. & early parl. Ire.

W. BethamThe origin and history of the constitution of England and early parliaments of Ireland (Dublin, 1834)

Betham, Dignities

W. Betham, Dignities feudal and parliamentary and the constitutional legislature of the United Kingdom (Dublin, 1830) 


 Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research (1923–) 

Black bk Limerick The black book of Limerick, ed. J. MacCaffrey (Dublin, 1907)
Bradley, Treasures of Kilkenny John Bradley (ed.), Treasures of Kilkenny: charters and civic records of Kilkenny City (Kilkenny, 2003)

Brooks, Knights’ fees

E. St John Brooks (ed.), Knights’ fees in counties Wexford, Carlow and Kilkenny, 13th–15th century (IMC, Dublin, 1950) 

Bryan, Great earl

Donough Bryan, Gerald Fitzgerald, the great earl of Kildare (1456–1513) (Dublin, 1933) 


Calendar of ancient records of Dublin, ed. J.T. Gilbert, 18 vols (Dublin, 1889–1922) 

Carrigan, Ossory W. Carrigan, The History and Antiquities of the Diocese of Ossory, 4 vols (1905)

Cal. Carew MSS

Calendar of the Carew manuscripts preserved in the archiepiscopal library at Lambeth, 1515–74, 6 vols (London, 1867–73) 


Calendar of the close rolls […], 1272–[1509], 47 vols (PRO, London, 1892–1963) 


Calendar of the charter rolls […], 1226–1516, 6 vols (PRO, London, 1903 –27) 


Calendar of documents relating to Ireland, 1171–1307, ed. H.S. Sweetman and G.F. Handcock, 5 vols (PRO, London, 1875–86) 


Calendar of the fine rolls […], 1272–[1509], 22 vols (PRO, London, 1911–62) 

Christ Church deeds

M. J. McEnery and Raymond Refaussé (eds), Christ Church deeds (Dublin, 2001).


Calendar of the justiciary rolls of Ireland, ed. J. Mills et al., 3 vols (Dublin, 1905–56) 


Calendar of inquisitions post mortem and other analogous documents, 16 vols (PRO, London, 1904–74) 

Clarke, ‘William of Windsor’ M. V. Clarke, ‘William of Windsor in Ireland, 1369–76’, in Fourteenth Century Studies by Maude Violet Clarke, ed. L. S. Sutherland and M. McKisack (Oxford, 1937) [first published in PRIA, 41:C2 (1932) 55-130: CIRCLE cites the pagination from Fourteenth Century Studies]


Calendar of Ormond deeds, 1172–1603, ed. E. Curtis, 6 vols (IMC, Dublin, 1932–43) 

Cole, Documents

Henry Cole (ed.), Documents illustrative of English history in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries selected from the records of the department of the Queen’s Remembrancer of the Exchequer (London, 1844). 

Cotton, Fasti

Henry Cotton, Fasti Ecclesiae Hibernicae: the succession of the prelates and members of the cathedral bodies in Ireland (5 vols, Dublin, 1845–78)


Chartae, privilegia et immunitates, being transcripts of charters and privileges to cities, towns, and other bodies corporate, […] 1171–1395 (pr. for RCI, Dublin, 1829–30; published, 1889) 


Calendar of entries in the papal registers relating to Great Britain and Ireland: papal letters (London, 1893–) 


Calendar of the patent rolls […], 1232–[1509], 53 vols (PRO, London, 1891–1971) 

CPR Ire., Hen. VIII–Eliz.

Calendar of the patent and close rolls of chancery in Ireland Henry VIII to 18th Elizabeth, ed. J. Morrin (Dublin, 1862) 


Close rolls of the reign of Henry III, 14 vols (London, 1902–38) 

Crooks, Government P. Crooks (ed.), Government, war and society in medieval Ireland: essays by Edmund Curtis, A. J. Otway-Ruthven and James Lydon (Dublin, 2008)


Chartulary of Saint Mary’s Abbey, Dublin, ed. J.T. Gilbert, 2 vols (RS, London, 1884–6) 

Curtis, Med. Ire. 

E. Curtis, A history of mediaeval Ireland from 1110 to 1513 (1st ed., Dublin and Cork, 1923); 2nd ed. published as A history of medieval Ireland from 1086 to 1513 (Dublin and Cork, 1938) 

Curtis, Ric. II in Ire. 

E. Curtis, Richard II in Ireland 1394–5 and the submissions of the Irish chiefs (Oxford, 1927) 


 P. Dryburgh and B. Smith (eds), Handbook and select calendar of Irish material in the National Archives of the United Kingdom (Dublin, 2005) 

Dignitas decani

The "Dignitas decani" of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, ed. N. B. White (IMC, Dublin, 1957)

DIL Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materials, Royal Irish Academy []

Dowdall deeds

Dowdall deeds, ed. C. McNeill and A.J. Otway-Ruthven (IMC, Dublin, 1960) 


The English Historical Review (1886–) 

FitzMaurice & Little, Materials

E. B. Fitzmaurice and A. G. Little (eds), Materials for the history of the Franciscan province of Ireland, A.D. 1230–1450 (Manchester, 1920)

Flanagan, Irish royal charters Marie Therese Flanagan, Irish royal charters: texts and contexts (Oxford, 2005)


T. Rymer (ed.), Fœdera […], 20 vols (original ed., 1704–35) 

Frame, 'Commissions of the Peace'

R. Frame, 'Commissions of the peace in Ireland, 1302–1461', AH, no. 35 (1992), 1–43.

Frame, 'Dublin government and Gaelic Ireland' (Ph.D.) R. F. Frame, 'The Dublin government and Gaelic Ireland, 1272-1361: the making of war and the making of peace' (Ph.D., University of Dublin, 1971)

Frame, Eng. lordship

R. Frame, English lordship in Ireland, 1318–61 (Oxford, 1982) 

Frame, Ire. & Brit.

R. Frame, Ireland and Britain, 1170–1450 (London, 1998) 

Gale, Ancient corporate system of Ire. P. Gale, An inquiry into the ancient corporate system of Ireland and suggestions for its immediate restoration and general extension: with an appendix containing numerous original documents (London, 1834)

Gerrard, ‘Notes’

C. McNeill (ed.), ‘Lord Chancellor Gerrard’s notes of his report on Ireland […], 1577–8’, AH, no. 2 (1931), 93–291 

Gilbert, Facsimiles

 J. T. Gilbert (ed.), Facsimiles of national manuscripts of Ireland […], 4 pts in 5 vols (Dublin, 1874 –84) 

Gilbert, Hist. & mun. docs

 J. T. Gilbert (ed.), Historic and municipal documents of Ireland, A.D. 1172–1320, from the archives of the city of Dublin (RS, London, 1870) 

Gilbert, Viceroys

 J. T. Gilbert, History of the viceroys of Ireland with notices of the castle of Dublin and its chief occupants in former times (Dublin, 1865) 

Hand, Eng. law

G. J. Hand, English law in Ireland, 1290–1324 (Cambridge, 1967) 

Hardiman, Statute of the fortieth year of King Edward III J. Hardiman (ed.), A Statute of the fortieth year of King Edward III., enacted in a parliament held in Kilkenny, A.D. 1367, before Lionel duke of Clarence, lord Lt of Ireland (IAS, Dublin, 1843)
Harris, Hibernica Walter Harris, Hibernica: or, some antient pieces relating to Ireland […] (2 parts, Dublin, 1747, 1750; repr. 1770)

Hore, Wexford

P. H. Hore, History of the town and county of Wexford, 6 vols (London, 1900–11) 

Hore & Graves, Social state of the southern and eastern counties of Ire. H. F. Hore and J. Graves (eds), The social state of the southern and eastern counties of Ireland in the sixteenth century: being the presentments of gentlemen, commonalty and citizens of Carlow, Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford made in the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth (Dublin, 1870)


Historical Research [formerly BIHR] (1987–)


Irish exchequer payments, 1270–1446, ed. P. Connolly (IMC, Dublin, 1998) 


Irish historical documents, 1172–1922, ed. E. Curtis and R.B. McDowell (London, 1943) 


Irish Historical Studies: The Joint Journal of the Irish Historical Society and the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies (1938–) 

Inquisitions & extents

Inquisitions and extents of medieval Ire., ed. by P. Dryburgh and B. Smith (List and Index Society, vol. 320: Kew, 2007).


'IrCR 48 Edw. III’ 

Elizabeth Dowse and Margaret Murphy (eds), ‘Rotulus clausus de anno 48 Edward III—a reconstruction’, AH, 35 (1992) 87–154 

Ir. Geneal

The Irish Genealogist: Official Organ of the Irish Genealogical Research Society (1937–) 

Ir. mon. deeds, 1200–1600

Irish monastic and episcopal deeds, A.D. 1200–1600 […], ed. N. B. White (IMC, Dublin, 1936) 

Ir. Jurist 

The Irish Jurist, new ser. (1966 –) 

Ir. parl.

H. G. Richardson and G. O. Sayles, The Irish parliament in the Middle Ages (Philadelphia, 1952) 

Ir. Sword 

The Irish Sword: The Journal of the Military History Society of Ireland (1949–) 


Journal of the Cork Historical and Archaeological Society (1892–) 


Journal of the Galway Archaeological and Historical Society (1900–) 


Journal of the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society (1968–) 


Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society (1904–) 


Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland 

Latham, Medieval Latin word-list

R. E. Latham (ed.), Revised medieval Latin word-list from British and Irish sources (British Academy: Oxford, 1963).

Lib. mun. pub. Hib

Liber munerum publicorum Hiberniae, ed. R. Lascelles, 2 vols (London, 1852) 

Llanthony cartularies

The Irish cartularies of Llanthony prima and secunda, ed. E. St John Brooks (IMC, Dublin, 1953) 

Liber primus Kilkenniensis, ed. McNeill

Liber primus Kilkenniensis: the earliest of the books of the Corporation of Kilkenny now extant, ed. C. McNeill (IMC, Dublin, 1931)

Liber primus Kilkenniensis, ed. Otway-Ruthven Liber primus Kilkenniensis, ed. A. J. Otway-Ruthven (Kilkenny, 1961)
Lodge, Patentee officers

Patentee officers in Ireland, 1173-1826, including high sheriffs, 1661-1684 and 1761-1816, ed. James L.J. Hughes (IMC, Dublin, 1960)

Lydon, Eng. & Ire. 

J. Lydon (ed.), England and Ireland in the later Middle Ages: essays in honour of Jocelyn Otway-Ruthven (Dublin, 1981) 

Lynch, Legal institutions

 W. Lynch, A view of the legal institutions, honorary hereditary offices, and feudal baronies established in Ireland in the reign of Henry II (London, 1830) 

Mac Niocaill, Na Buirgéisí

G. Mac Niocaill (ed.), Na Buirgéisí, XII–XV Aois (2 vols, Dublin, 1964)


MED Middle English Dictionary []

Med. religious houses, Ire.

Aubrey Gwynn and R. Neville Hadcock (eds), Medieval religious houses, Ireland: with an appendix to early sites (Dublin, 1970)

Memorials of Adare Memorials of Adare manor by Caroline, countess of Dunraven, with historical notices of Adare, by her son, the earl of Dunraven (Oxford, 1865 [private circulation])

Monasticon Hibernicum

Mervyn Archdall, Monasticon Hibernicum, or, A history of the abbies, priories and other religious houses of Ireland (1st ed., London, 1786) 

NHI, ii

A new history of Ireland, ii: medieval Ireland, 1169–1534, ed. A. Cosgrove (Oxford, 1987; repr. with bibliographical supp., 1993) 

NHI, ix 

A new history of Ireland, ix: maps, genealogies, lists – a companion to Irish history, part II, ed. T.W. Moody, F.X. Martin and F.J. Byrne (Oxford, 1984) 


Oxford dictionary of national biography: from the earliest times to the year 2000, ed. H. C. G. Matthew and B. H. Harrison, 61 vols (Oxford, 2004) 

OED Oxford English Dictionary []

Parls & councils

Parliaments and councils of mediaeval Ireland, ed. H.G. Richardson and G.O. Sayles, 1 vol (IMC, Dublin, 1947) 


Peritia: Journal of the Medieval Academy of Ireland (1982–) 


A roll of the proceedings of the king’s council in Ireland […], 1392–93, ed. J. Graves (RS, London, 1877) 


Past and Present: A Journal of Scientific History (1952–) 

Potterton, Medieval Trim

Michael Potterton, Medieval Trim: history and archaeology (Dublin, 2005)



Proceedings and ordinances of the privy council of England, ed. N.H. Nicolas, 7 vols (London, 1834–7) 


Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 

Quinn, ‘Bills and statutes’

D. B. Quinn, ‘The bills and statutes of the Irish parliaments of Henry VII and Henry VIII’, AH, 10 (1941), 71–169 

Red bk Kildare

The red book of the earls of Kildare, ed. G. Mac Niocaill (IMC, Dublin, 1964) 

Red bk Ormond

The red book of Ormond […], ed. N.B. White (IMC, Dublin, 1932) 

Reg. Alen

A calendar of Archbishop Alen’s register, c.1172–1534, ed. C. McNeill (RSAI, Dublin, 1950) 

Reg. All Hallows 

Registrum prioratus Omnium Sanctorum juxta Dublin, ed. R. Butler (IAS, Dublin, 1845) 

Reg. Gormanston

Calendar of the Gormanston register, ed. J. Mills and M.J. McEnery (RSAI, Dublin, 1916) 

Reg. Kilmainham

Registrum de Kilmainham: register of the chapter acts of the hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem in Ireland, 1326–1339 […], ed. C. McNeill (IMC, Dublin, 1943) 

Reg. Mey

Registrum Iohannis Mey: The register of John Mey, archbishop of Armagh, 1443–1456, ed. W.G.H. Quigley and E.F.D. Roberts (Belfast, 1972) 

Reg. Octaviani

Registrum Octaviani, alias Liber Niger: The register of Octavian de Palatio, archbishop of Armagh, 1478-1513, ed. Mario Alberto Sughi (IMC 2 vols, Dublin, 1999)

Reg. St John the Baptist 

Register of the hospital of S. John the Baptist without the Newgate, Dublin, ed. E. St John Brooks (IMC, Dublin, 1936) 

Reg. St Thomas 

Register of the abbey of St Thomas the Martyr, Dublin, ed. J.T. Gilbert (RS, London, 1889)

Reg. Swayne

The register of John Swayne, archbishop of Armagh and primate of Ireland, 1418–39, ed. D.A. Chart (Belfast, 1935) 

Reg. Sweteman

The register of Milo Sweteman, archbishop of Armagh, 1361–1380, ed. B. Smith (IMC, Dublin, 1996)


Reg. Tristernagh

Register of the priory of the blessed Virgin Mary at Tristernagh: Registrum cartarum monasterii B.V. Mariae de Tristernagh, ed. M.V. Clarke (IMC, Dublin, 1941) 

Rep. HMC

Reports of the Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts (London, 1870–) 

Rep. Municipal Corporations in Ire.

First report of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Municipal Corporation in Ireland (London, 1835)

Rep. RCI 1811–15 [etc.]

Reports from the commissioners […] respecting the public records of Ireland: with supplements and appendices (3 vols, London, 1815–25): i, rep. 1–5; ii, rep. 6–10, 1816–20


Rotulorum patentium et clausorum Cancellariæ hiberniæ calendarium. Vol. I.Pars. I. Hen. II.-Hen. VII. Printed by command of His Majesty King George IV. in pursuance of an address of the House of commons of Great Britain and Ireland, ed. E. Tresham (RCI, Dublin, 1828)

Rot. chart. 

Rotuli chartarum in turri Londinensi asservati, 1199–1216, ed. T.D. Hardy (RC, London, 1837) 

Rot. litt. claus., 1204–24 

Rotuli litterarum clausarum in turri Londinensi asservati, 1204–24, ed. T.D. Hardy, 2 vols (RC, London, 1833–44) 

Rot. litt. pat.

Rotuli litterarum patentium in turri Londinensi asservati, ed. T.D. Hardy (RC, London, 1835) 

Rotulus pipae Clonensis, ed. Caulfield Rotulus pipae Clonensis: ex originali in registro ecclesiae catedralis Clonensis, ed. Richard Caulfield (Cork, 1859)
Rot. selecti J. Hunter (ed.), Rotuli selecti ad res anglicas et hibernicas spectantes, ex archivis in domo capitulari West-monasteriensi, deprompti (London, 1834)
RS The chronicles and memorials of Great Britain and Ireland […] (‘Rolls Series’), 99 vols (London, 1858–96)


State papers, Henry VIII, 11 vols (London, 1830–52) 

Stat. at large 

Statutes at large passed in the parliaments held in Ireland, 1310–1800, 20 vols (Dublin, 1786–1800) 

Stat. Edw. IV, pt 1 

Statute rolls of the parliament of Ireland, first to the twelfth years of the reign of King Edward the fourth, ed. H.F. Berry (Dublin, 1914) 

Stat. Edw. IV, pt 2 

Statute rolls of the parliament of Ireland, twelfth and thirteenth to the twenty-first and twenty-second years of the reign of King Edward the fourth, ed. J.F. Morrissey (Dublin, 1939) 

Stat. Hen. VI 

Statute rolls of the parliament of Ireland, reign of King Henry the sixth, ed. H.F. Berry (Dublin, 1910) 

Stat. John–Hen V 

Statutes and ordinances and acts of the parliament of Ireland, King John to Henry V, ed. H.F. Berry (Dublin, 1907) 

Stat. of the realm 

Statutes of the realm, ed. A. Luders et al., 11 vols in 12 (RC, London, 1810–28) 

Stat. Ric. III–Hen. VIII 

Statute rolls of the Irish parliament, Richard III–Henry VIII, ed. P. Connolly (Dublin, 2002) 


Transactions of the Royal Historical Society (1872–) 


The Victoria county history of the counties of England (London, 1900–) 

Wood (ed.), Court book St Sepulchre

H. Wood (ed.), Court book of the liberty of St Sepulchre (RSAI, Dublin, 1930)