Principal Editor


  • Katharine Simms
  • Philomena Connolly (†2002)
  • A.J. Otway Ruthven (†1989)

International Advisory Board

  • Chris Given-Wilson, chairman (St Andrews)
  • David Ditchburn (TCD)
  • Seán Duffy (TCD)
  • Robin Frame (Durham, Emeritus)
  • Elizabeth Matthew (Reading)
  • Brendan Smith (Bristol)
  • Jane Maxwell (Manuscripts and Archives Research Library, TCD)
  • Brian Donovan (Eneclann Ltd)

Irish Chancery Project International Advisory Board

Members of the international advisory board of the Irish Chancery Project pictured at the final meeting held on 13 May 2011 in Trinity College, Dublin. Back row (L-R): Prof. Sean Duffy (TCD); Prof. Robin Frame (Durham); Dr Peter Crooks (TCD); Dr Elizabeth Matthew (Reading); Prof. Chris Given-Wilson (St Andrews). Front row (L-R): Dr Brendan Smith (Bristol) Dr David Ditchburn (TCD).

Past Directors and Researchers

  • Professor James Lydon
  • Dr Margaret Murphy
  • Dr Aine Foley
  • Elizabeth Dowse
  • Sheelagh Harbison

Funding Agency

Partner Institutions

The board of the Irish Chancery Project would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the following institutions, whose support was invaluable in bringing this project to completion.

Web Development and Technical Solutions

Administrative Support

  • Pamela Hilliard, Medieval History Research Centre, TCD


  • Sparky Booker, Philip Charles Davis, Beth Hartland, Randolph Jones, Paul MacCotter, Rory Masterson, Colmán Ó Clabaigh, Grace O'Keeffe, Jane Ohlmeyer, Bernadette Williams, Peadar Slattery, Nicholas Vincent.
  • Picture credit: the CIRCLE header incorporates an image of the obverse of the great seal of Ireland appended to Dublin City Royal Charter no. 43. A photograph of this seal taken by Alastair Smeaton appears under Sample Images.